About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a quality financial service experience for each member of Mid Carolina Credit Union. We are committed to:

1. Being a socially responsible community citizen through financial and human support of local and credit union endeavors.

2. Seeking opportunities to enhance our product and service offerings.

3. Maintaining the long term financial stability of the credit union.

4. A well trained staff and elected volunteers.

5. Encouraging financial education within our field of membership and our community.


Our History

Mid Carolina Credit Union was chartered and opened in 1961 as a benefit for the employees of the Dupont May Plant. Over our five decades of operation, Mid Carolina Credit Union has grown from a single employee operation based in the plant guardhouse to a financial institution with four offices, three ATM’s, account access via telephones and computers and a staff of more than 30 employees. Mid Carolina Credit Union’s charter has been expanded from our original sponsor to include multiple employment groups and anyone who lives, works or attends school in Kershaw or Richland County.
As a member of Mid Carolina Credit Union, you share in the ownership of a full service financial institution - and being an owner makes a difference. The credit union is democratically controlled and you take part in your financial future by electing your Board of Directors.
We strive to keep costs low and profits are returned to our members through lower fees and higher dividends because we are not for profit, but for service.
Since 1961 Mid Carolina Credit Union has strived to meet the needs of its owners in providing a safe and sound financial alternative. All accounts are insured to at least $250,000 (IRA’s are insured up to $250,000) by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government. Whether it's opening your child's first savings account or buying a new home, we're here to serve you.
Your credit union membership is a valuable asset. Your investment of only $5.00 in a savings account opens a world of privileges available to you and your family. So remember, at Mid Carolina Credit Union you're not just an account holder - you're an owner - and ownership makes a difference.



Our Philosophy

Your Money
Credit unions are cooperatives, and members deposit money and pool their resources so they can borrow money when they need it. And because it's your money, credit union members enjoy low-interest loans, high-interest savings, and affordable service fees.

Your Choice
Members choose to be part of a credit union, and they have a voice in how the credit union is operated. Having the choice to do business with a credit union or other financial institution creates the kind of healthy competition that benefits every consumer.

Your Credit Union
Non-profit credit unions are owned by their members and exist to serve you. Your credit union offers a cost-conscious, service-oriented alternative to for-profit financial institutions. And members - not stockholders or investors - benefit from the financial success of their credit union.

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